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About the GovShop and GovCon Club Joint Starter Membership Program 

The Starter Membership is a content, market intelligence, knowledge and relationship-rich program established as a substantive first step for newcomers, and a definitive next step for entrepreneurs and firms already pursuing government contracts and subcontracts. This membership avails participants to: 

  • an ecosystem of individuals from small and large companies located across the Nation.  
  • representatives from over 250 local, state, and federal government agencies
  • the expertise of individuals from Government and Industry. 
  • training and knowledge resources not typically available to small businesses. 
  • AI enabled market intelligence to increase transparency into government opportunities. 
  • deep knowledge of traditional and non-traditional procurement methods and beyond best practices for business development processes.
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About GovShop

GovShop is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled market intelligence platform and ecosystem for public sector market buyers and suppliers. With over 250 federal, state, and local government agencies using GovShop to search through 2 million traditional and non-traditional suppliers, agencies can quickly achieve competition and suppliers of goods, services and solutions get matched to opportunities through GovShop’s AI matching engine.  

About GovCon Club

GovCon Club, the successor of The American Small Business Coalition launched in 2004, is a federal contracting-focused community providing curated education, training and networking programs to individuals and organizations. Their signature program is the long-running Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors® Bootcamps, considered a must-have by novices and industry veterans alike.